So what's with the Dead Fly?

That is a story to tell, in part inspired by a moment in time, on a tour, in a bar in L.A.

Suffice to say, a picture taken of a large dead bug in the window, ended up buzzing around while a bored room - sorry, a board room conversation took place about finding a unique edge for our brand. Finding something that would make people stop and take notice, something different, energetic, memorable, weird, fun, and kinda cool too.  

Certainly we like to think of ourselves as all of the above.  

Different in our approach, with the unique eye of some very talented world class photographers, designers and videographers. Energetic to the nth degree, and always pushing ourselves to deliver the biggest and the best in what we do each and every day. Bottom line...Our photography and videography skills mean that our job is all about making you look amazing at your job. 

Memorable because of our work ethic and our values and insane levels of energy while doing the job, to the point that clients often comment that  they had no idea how we managed to get the angles and the moments and the essence of an occasion so perfectly. A slice of weird, because we are odd artistic types who like to do odd artistic things, and find the strangest beauty in the oddest places along the way.

As for fun - well that is a given. Bet you can't get through a gig with our team without at least one good eye watering belly laugh. Cool?  Hell yeah! We are so cool that our logo is a deceased insect with its feet in the air whose little heart gave out while cutting some rad moves on the dance floor having spent an evening drinking dangerously strong blue and green shots at an after show party.

OK that last one might not be fully accurate (apart from the bit about the dangerously strong blue and green shots), but in fly circles, the dude is a legend.

Check us out, enjoy the site, email us, and make sure you hire the best team that you could ever imagine.


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