So what's with the Dead Fly? 


That is a story to tell, in part inspired by a moment in time, on tour with a rock band, in a bar in L.A….

It evolved into “Bob” (the dead fly) becoming the mascot for something that would make people stop and take notice, something different, memorable, weird, fun, and kinda cool too.  

We see the world differently, finding the extra in the ordinary. Quirky, interested and interesting, we are creative, artistic types who love exploring all the world has to offer, and delighting in the strangest beauty, in the oddest places, along the way. And we make a great cup of tea.

Whether you are looking for a photographer to capture your private or corporate event, take headshots (where you actually look like yourself), help you market your brand on social media , enhance the ambiance of your home or office with commissioned or existing art pieces, or you need video testimonials or your band wants to shoot a music video, we are confident that we are the Team to do it for you!

DeadFly Media are partnered with AntiHero Magazine - providing reviews of albums and concerts, interviews, and of course awesome pictures of musicians in action. Check them out, like their page, show them some love....

We are also associated with the Inter Arts Matrix - An organization that fosters the development of new work in interdisciplinary art, acting as an incubator for artists and their projects.  

We proudly have philanthropic ties to both the Word Forest Organization - Planting trees and building schools in Africa and to the MOLP - Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.  Please take a moment to donate, and help us to make a positive environmental impact on our world.

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