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"These guys rule. Very down to earth and professional. They work with you every step of the way but can be left alone to make bring life to your ideas. Trustworthy and going above and beyond to produce everything from amazing photos to video and more. Thanks so much Deadfly"
- Chris Cooper - Blood Opera Inc
"I've never felt comfortable with having my photos taken until I met Andy at Deadfly Media.
Andy is an extremely talented and diverse photographer who is able to capture the beauty in anything and everything. I have done several photo shoots with him, and I am always over the moon impressed with his work. I highly recommend Deadfly Media."
- Leah Keith - Stylist & Make-Up Artist - Voila Salon & Beauty Bar
"Andy is my go-to photographer. He has been shooting my theatre and opera productions for years now. He somehow is able to capture the spirit of the show and communicate the excitement of live performance through photography." - Anne-Marie Donovan - Artistic Director, Inter Arts Matrix
"When I took my first step into Andy's studio, I knew the ball was rolling and things were happening. There was electricity in the air; I felt like we could've talked for hours just brainstorming cool artistic ideas. Andy has a very unique ability of creating fantastic content and maintaining it consistently. The team is a group of amazing people who's smiles will light up the room! I would highly recommend Deadfly Media to anyone working towards furthering their projects."
- Mario Palumbo, Musician
"If you are looking for results, work with Andy Wright and the team at Deadfly Media. He is insanely creative (it's almost unfair to the rest of us) and his personality will immediately put you at ease and leave you laughing at the same time. His body of work is outstanding and as a fellow photographer, who has worked with him on numerous occasions, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or partner with him again. He loves what he does... and it shows!"
- Tania Fitzpatrick - Designer & Photographer - Red Dot Design
"I have trusted Andy with all my most precious occasions, including our wedding day, and couldn't be happier with the results. Andy is a true artist and is extremely creative in the the way he captures a moment in time. Andy had to be so patient with us on our wedding day and also had 30 guests to contend with in the sweltering heat of Roatan! Andy was able to capture some of the most important memories for us that will last a lifetime and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any photography project." - Chantal McIntyre
"It's been a pleasure having Andy Wright and DeadFly Media as my go-to photographer on several occasions now. The upbeat, relaxed, and imaginative atmosphere during photoshoots result in an ultra creative and edgy final product. Andy has this innate ability to think way outside the box with endless ideas that are simply incredible. Which is why I've trusted and used his photographic finess over the years. I look forward to working with Andy again and will absolutely recommend himself and DeadFly to anyone who is looking for a gifted photographer." - Susie Veitch
"Great energy high quality photos with a fast turn around with DeadFly.Media" - Stacey Laureyssens a.k.a Empress Cherry Sunday
"As MD of Magic Oxygen, I have used Andy Wright's photographic expertise for two book covers. He took our (somewhat vague) ideas and added a big dose of creative talent, which resulted in really first class images. His ability to produce photographs that match the brief perfectly, is priceless. I will have no hesitation in employing him again."
- Simon West - Magic Oxygen Publishing
Andy is an extremely talented visualizer and artist. I have looked at some of his creations and I am in awe with his photography and artwork.

I know what I am talking about since I have a related background. My father was a publisher and also a commercial artist. I have also worked (as an accountant) with a leading advertising company and rubbed shoulders with a great creative team.

Andy provided me excellent and timely services at reasonable prices. I am a very satisfied customer.

I strongly recommend Andy for any advertising or promotional work where his creative focused skills can really make a difference.

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